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Year-End Special: Top Tens of 2020

In their first special, Logan & Andy take a look back at the year's cinematic offerings.

Show Notes

In their podcast’s year-end special episode, Logan and Andy take a look back at the year’s cinematic offerings, detailing their Top 10 favorites, a few of the worst duds, and some honorable mentions in between! It’s their longest episode yet, but it might also be their most fun! Reflect with them on 2020, which Logan describes as “the gas leak year.”

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Wishes he could forego sleep to watch more movies. Besides co-hosting Odd Trilogies and writing reviews, Andy builds Gundam models, loves on his three cats, and spends way too much time managing his Plex server. You can follow his movie-watching habits on Letterboxd.

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Freelance writer out of Indianapolis. Co-host of Odd Trilogies podcast. Whether it's films or television, I'm always down to watch!

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