What is Odd Trilogies?

At its core, Odd Trilogies is a podcast dedicated to the strange and vast interconnectedness of film! Beyond the known universe of serial franchises and standalone movies, there’s a whole universe of trilogies you didn’t know about!

Started by co-hosts Logan Sowash and Andy Carr in 2020, The Odd Trilogies Podcast seeks to explore films in groups of three, digging into the behind-the-scenes, beneath-the-surface, or between-the-lines stories that bind them. By taking a step back to look at the whole triptych, we might just gain a new appreciation for each individual piece!

Better yet, what is an odd trilogy?

Call it a broad definition, but to us, an odd trilogy is any set of three films—whether bonded by story, spirit, themes, and/or shared cast & crew—that we think has an interesting angle worth exploring! A classic example of a “lesser known” trilogy for the entry-level movie buff would be Park Chan-wook’s “Vengeance Trilogy.” You’ve probably heard of Oldboy, but did you know it’s actually the second in a trilogy? Huh?? What are the other two films about? Do they all follow the same characters? How does each one deal with the concept of vengeance? THAT’S something worth exploring! (So we did!)

Odd trilogies aren’t limited to the deliberate or canonical, like, say, Bill & Ted or Pixar’s Cars. We also curate our own and discuss more incidental ones—trios whose connective tissue is maybe less official or tangible, like our “Odd Nutcracker” or “Coen-McDormand Sampler” trilogies! Instead of being linked by title or number, they may be based on a commonality that we simply find interesting or which is significant to film culture.

Sometimes a trilogy is odd because of the direction the films take over the course of the series. Sometimes an odd trilogy is odd simply because it’s a trilogy!

Whatever the connection is, we (your hosts, Logan & Andy) apply our love and knowledge of film to analyze these trilogies as whole bodies, as well as the individual films themselves. Listen and laugh with us as we dive into the never-ending universe of cinematic connectivity known as ODD TRILOGIES!

Anything else going on here?

Absolutely! In 2024, Odd Trilogies expanded from a humble biweekly podcast to a full-blown film criticism outlet, offering written reviews and commentary as well as additional podcast content—like immediate, off-the-cuff post-viewing thoughts about a recent release (we call them “Quickies”) and maybe the occasional ramble about current events in the film industry (“Odd Thoughts”).

Where can I tune in?

We publish every episode right here on the website! For easier access on-the-go, Odd Trilogies is also published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and most other major podcast aggregators!

Meet the Hosts

Logan Sowash

Freelance writer out of Indianapolis and co-founder and co-host of the Odd Trilogies podcast. Whether it’s films or television, he’s always down to watch!

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Andy Carr

Wishes he could forego sleep to watch more movies. Beyond film criticism, Andy loves building Gundam models, obsessing over his three cats with his wife, and spending way too much time managing his Plex server.

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