Episode 82: The Nichols-Shannon Sampler

Family drama, haunting hallucinations, and blinding superpowers take hold of us in this trilogy covering the collaborative efforts of Jeff Nichols and Michael Shannon.


Oz Perkins' serial killer thriller offers little to latch onto beyond beautiful cinematography and a thick, spooky atmosphere.


Glitz, glamor, and gore drench this delightful third act to A24's surprising horror trilogy.

Kinds of Kindness

Guest writer Austin Webster says Yorgos Lanthimos' latest is a strong showcase of his trademark sensibilities, and that's precisely why it isn't for everyone.

Janet Planet

Two wonderful performances light up this soothing coming-of-age debut.

Episode 81: Chris Pratt’s Animated IP Dynasty (with Austin Webster)

Austin Webster helps us uncover the conspiracy behind Chris Pratt's consistent casting as iconic characters in animated blockbusters.

Episode 80: The Andy Serkis Planet of the Apes Trilogy (with Adam LeClerc)

We explore Caesar's domain with good friend Adam LeClerc.