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Odd Trilogies

Episode 82: The Nichols-Shannon Sampler

Family drama, haunting hallucinations, and blinding superpowers take hold of us in this trilogy covering the collaborative efforts of Jeff Nichols and Michael Shannon.

Episode 81: Chris Pratt’s Animated IP Dynasty (with Austin Webster)

Austin Webster helps us uncover the conspiracy behind Chris Pratt's consistent casting as iconic characters in animated blockbusters.

Episode 80: The Andy Serkis Planet of the Apes Trilogy (with Adam LeClerc)

We explore Caesar's domain with good friend Adam LeClerc.

Freakquel #10: Rebel Moon

We return for yet another entry into Zack Snyder's canon

Episode 79: The God’s Not Dead Sequels

Friend of the pod Jake Atwood joins us to embark on this journey of religious scrutiny.

Freakquel #9: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

We return to Hollow Earth in this follow-up to our original episode on Legendary's Godzilla.

Freakquel #8: Kung Fu Panda 4

We revisit the Kung Fu Panda franchise with this years-later sequel.

Episode 78: The Sci-Fi Adaptations of Denis Villeneuve

We journey into the genre contributions of one of our favorite working directors.

Episode 77: Shane Black’s Buddy Cop Sampler

We go undercover to investigate Shane Black's iconic contributions to the pulpy subgenre.

Episode 76: Wong Kar-wai’s Love Trilogy

We visit past, present, and future in the Hong Kong auteur's trilogy on romantic longing and heartbreak.