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Episode 61: The Creed Trilogy

We go twelve rounds (and three movies) with Rocky Balboa's protégé.

Show Notes

Where Rocky Balboa’s journey as a boxer ends, Adonis Creed’s rise begins! It’s time to take on THE CREED TRILOGY! From the streets of Philly to Los Angeles, Logan and Andy go twelve rounds with 2015’s Creed, 2018’s Creed II, and 2023’s Creed III to discuss the modern take on the boxing underdog. How does Adonis compare to his father Apollo? Will Ivan Drago return? WHERE’S PAULIE?!?!? Find out in yet another knockout episode of ODD TRILOGIES!

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Wishes he could forego sleep to watch more movies. Besides co-hosting Odd Trilogies and writing reviews, Andy builds Gundam models, loves on his three cats, and spends way too much time managing his Plex server. You can follow his movie-watching habits on Letterboxd.

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Freelance writer out of Indianapolis. Co-host of Odd Trilogies podcast. Whether it's films or television, I'm always down to watch!

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