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Episode 63: The Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy

We get our weeb on to Yoshiyuki Tomino's iconic anime trilogy.

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Logan and Andy hop aboard White Base to discuss THE MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MOVIE TRILOGY, covering the three compilation film adaptations of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s influential original anime: Mobile Suit Gundam I, Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow, and Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space. As the boys take on giant robots, beam sabers, and space fascists, they’ll discuss the films that transformed the cancelled anime into a pop culture phenomenon in Japan and beyond. Do the films hold up forty years later? Which one is the best? Will they ever stop putting teenagers in giant war machines?!?! Find out in this colossal new episode of ODD TRILOGIES!

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Freelance writer out of Indianapolis. Co-host of Odd Trilogies podcast. Whether it's films or television, I'm always down to watch!

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Wishes he could forego sleep to watch more movies. Besides co-hosting Odd Trilogies and writing reviews, Andy builds Gundam models, loves on his three cats, and spends way too much time managing his Plex server. You can follow his movie-watching habits on Letterboxd.

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