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Episode 71: Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time Trilogy

We saddle up to go on the epic ride that is Sergio Leone's depiction of three major eras in American history.

Show Notes

Logan and Andy saddle up, holster their guns, and ride into the sunset as they tackle director Sergio Leone’s final trilogy: THE ONCE UPON A TIME TRILOGY. From a western epic to a gangster tale set during the Prohibition, the duo get ready to draw as they take on 1968’s Once Upon a Time in the West, 1971’s Duck, You Sucker! (also known as A Fistful of Dynamite), and 1984’s Once Upon a Time in America. How is Sergio Leone’s swan song of a trilogy? Does the second film really need more than one title? Also, did that man just call Robert De Niro “Noodles” to his face?!?! Find out in this explosive new episode of ODD TRILOGIES!

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