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Episode 75: The Rise and Fall of Fox Animation Studios

We investigate the brief life of the only American studio to truly challenge Disney's animated dynasty in the 90s.

Show Notes

In 1994, animation legends Don Bluth and Gary Goldman teamed up with 20th Century Fox to create an animation studio that would rival Disney. Thirty years later, Logan and Andy head down the animated rabbit hole to discuss that studio’s three feature films. It’s THE RISE AND FALL OF FOX ANIMATION STUDIOS! From Russian princess fan-fiction to a VERY dated sci-fi adventure, the boys discuss 1997’s Anastasia, 1999’s Bartok the Magnificent, and 2000’s Titan A.E. Which films have aged the best? What led to the unfortunate demise of the studio? Where are Bluth and Goldman now?!?! Find out on this magnificent new episode!

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