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Episode 78: The Sci-Fi Adaptations of Denis Villeneuve

We journey into the genre contributions of one of our favorite working directors.

Show Notes

Aliens? Replicants? A floating Stellan Skarsgård? As Logan and Andy make contact with extraterrestrial visitors, the duo pass the time by discussing auteur Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi adaptations. The boys cover the French Canadian filmmaker’s take on three sci-fi works: a short story (2016’s Arrival), a sequel to a Ridley Scott cult hit (2017’s Blade Runner 2049), and an all-time classic, “unadaptable” novel by Frank Herbert (2021’s Dune and 2024’s Dune: Part Two). How does Villeneuve grow in the span of eight years? What choices does he make in adapting each project? How did he convince a movie studio to fund TWO Dune films?!?! Find out in this out-of-this-world episode!

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